Welcome to the Encord Python SDK reference!#

To use the Encord Python SDK, you first need to have a way to authenticate the client. If you haven’t logged in to the platform and added a public-private key pair, please do so before using the Encord SDK.

Before you start#

Please take a note of the following naming convention.

When we include "<some_name>", both in code examples and in text, we mean a string with a specific value which is defined by the context without the “<” and the “>”. For example, "<project_hash>" would be the unique uid defining your project.

In our examples, we will write:

project_hash = "<project_hash>"

In your code, you will write::

project_hash = "00000000-1111-2222-3333-eeeeeeeeeeee"

In our docs, it should always be clear where to find such values and what the format should be.

Getting started#

Here are some resources to get you started with the Encord SDK:


The tutorials are separated into those that relate to datasets and those that relate to projects.


Throughout the tutorials, we use user_client, dataset and project extensively. We refer to the Authentication page for examples of how to instantiate those.

End-to-End Examples#

In the End-to-End examples, you find complete python files will all the code necessary to achieve an end-to-end task like getting a project ready for labelling.

SDK Reference#

Main Encord Docs#


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